For the success of any online gaming company, effective data analytics is so crucial for attracting and retaining gamers to its online games. This dashboard includes the most important metrics that are crucial to monitor for having a well-performing game. Gaming dashboard determines the key metrics and KPIs to be tracked for any gaming company.


Going by the 2018 Global Games Market Report, online gamers are projected to spend nearly $152 billion in the year 2019, expected to reach $165.9 Billion in 2020 and 2.725 billion gamers by the year 2021

This app target the companies or app makers to give them very brief data analytics about the app they created.

The Global Games Market Report also reports that mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment (with generated revenues of $70 billion in 2018) followed by console-based gaming that generated $34.6 billion in the year 2018.

What is a Game Performance Analysis Dashboard and why is it important??

Dashboards are the heart and soul of any game analysis and are critical for identifying any recurrent problem or for elevating the game performance. Thanks to data visualization techniques, dashboards are easily accessible for most users and can be deployed in tracking online player data.

  • A visual representation of performance, such as with charts and graphs
  • The ability to identify trends
  • An easy way of measuring efficiency
  • The means to generate detailed reports with a single click
  • The capacity to make more informed decisions
  • Total visibility of all systems, campaigns, and actions
  • Quick identification of data outliers and correlations

The most imp parts of my gaming dashboard:

  • INSTALLS- The mobile gaming business is a business of volume. The no of installs is the fundamental of mobile gaming metric because it ultimately showcase the success or failure of your mobile game.
  • DAU(Daily Active Users)- Define unique users who used the app within the single day(24hrs)
  • STICKINESS RATE- By dividing DAU over MAU(monthly active user) you will get stickiness rate. The use of stickiness rate are:

-the average app loses 77%of its users in first 3 days of the install.

-after a month,90%user stops using the app.

-after 3 month,5%user will continue using the app.

  • RETENTION RATE- The retention rate metric is among the most crucial metrics in a player retention dashboard (particularly for free to play games). It indicates how well you have retained a player from Day 1 through to Day 7 and finally on Day 30.
  • ARPU(AVERAGE REVENUE PER USER)- Indicates the revenue any game is earning each day.
  • LTV(LIFETIME VALUE)- It defines your marketing strategy and margins.
  • SESSION LENGTH -Measure the amount of time a user spends actively playing a mobile game. This session start when the app is opened and lasts until it’s closed or the user become inactive.


Game & Data visualization.

Data Analysts

Deep learning

UI/UX designers

Web developer


For any gaming company, the success of a new game is measured by its generated sales and earned revenues.


For early months Home Budget allows managing their expenses and incomes, creating the extended database for tracking financial flows or changes and getting comprehensive stats.

Would take roughly 2 years for making app, testing and fixing all the bugs.

Need to organize separate teams ( for research, analytical, technical, visualizing and creative team).

Need Cloud storage.


Personalized marketing can increase player engagement as well as attract new players to the game.


Effective game data tracking and analytics can be used to analyze user behaviour based on whether they are likely to play the game repeatedly or even pay for the services. Will add user interference in which they can also keep the data of their game and be able to easily see them.


Gaming companies often face the consequences of online fraudulent activity such as player identify thefts and payment-related frauds. Gaming analytics can be used to verify player identity and detect any fraudulent activity at an early stage.

Besides this, computer algorithms based on machine learning can be applied for online fraud detection and prevention. we shall look at some crucial game analytics metrics or KPIs that can improve player retention and engagement, along with game monetization.


Time estimated for the entire project be around 7–8 months for making the app and getting started. In a year we will be able to detect most of the bugs and abnormal behavior of the app and try to resolve all the problem before launching the product in the market . FIRST IMRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION.





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